In the Chronic Illness & Spoonie community there are so many amazing people and voices. It is beyond unfair that it can take so long for people to find those voices and the vital information that our community has to offer.

There is so much power in giving someone the gift of your experiences and time, to help them feel less alone and find their place in such an unforgiving world. The chronic illness and Spoonie community give people this gift daily. They rise up in the face of adversity. They shine in a way that helps others. They use their talents, experiences and sprit to help an invisible community become more visible. Our dream for Daisy Hannah and All things Spoonie is to help people find the chronic illness and Spoonie community. We want to shine a light on the incredible people and businesses that have helped change peoples lives, revolutionise accessibility and build communities all around the world .

It can take years to get diagnosed but you don't have to go through that alone,

It can take years to find your voice and your purpose,

But it doesn't have to take years to find the support, resources and community you deserve. We believe in a better future for people like us. We believe in those who have been forgotten by their families, by medical professionals and life in general. We believe in amplifying the need for change through helping others. We believe in showing the world what the Spoonie and Chronic illness community is truly capable of.