MY FAVOURITE SELF-CARE PRODUCTS: adapting & prioritising self care

I never used to prioritise self-care. I hated the idea of going to get my nails done or fake tanning 3 times a week - it just seemed like a waste of energy. Energy is limited for Spoonie's, either because of their chronic health condition, disability or mental health. Since Lockdown began and my health declined I realised just how important self-care is. Self-care makes you feel refreshed, relaxed, restful and pampered. It elevates our mood because we are putting energy and time into ourselves. Focusing on yourself and doing something positive for you - whether it's a bath, skincare routine, meditation or reading etc. - is not a waste of time.

Recently, due to being

housebound and in lockdown, I wanted to really focus on self-care and improving my mental health. Before I go into detail about the products I've been loving I want to point out that I don't have allergies and it's always important to do your own research into products, especially if you have a complex health condition.

Sanctuary Spa has been my go-to for years. I used to think of their products as luxurious and for "special occasions" but recently I've been trying to be more kind to myself. I love Sanctuary Spa products because they smell and feel expensive but they're actually affordable. Also, there is such a large range of products, from "sleep" collections to everyday wellness. In the "sleep" collection I have found one of my new favourite non-medicated pain-relief balms called, "De-stress warming balm" which heats up really quickly. I prefer this to deep heat creams or patches because it is more natural and smells less intense.

Another product from the Sanctuary Spa "sleep" collection is their calming CBD oil. Compared to other CBD products this can be used in multiple different ways, such as in the shower, bath, on stress points, massaging, pain relief and rashes etc. It is also scented with jasmine and other fragrances which makes it feel luxurious and relaxing.

On the subject of CBD, Holland& Barrett do a CBD muscle rub which is on the pricier side. Ths muscle rub is in a jar which does make it harder to access but I can't fault its muscle-relaxing effects.

Moisturisers are a staple of my skincare routine. Because I am housebound my skin does dry out easily. A moisturiser that I've been using since the start of the first lockdown is the Simple hydrating light moisturiser. This product is extremely refreshing and I found it most helpful on days where a bath or shower is too difficult. This is because it is lightweight and feels like you are cleansing your skin without the hassle of a long routine. Body moisturisers have also become a staple to my routine. Using heat products and taking medication can affect your skin health but moisturising your whole body can be exhausting. Sanctuary Spa, Dove and other brands sell a "wet skin" or Foam moisturiser which can be applied when your skin is still wet. This has been a lifesaver for me and after trying a couple my favourite is the Sanctuary Spa "wet skin miracle" lotion.

It is incredibly helpful to find ways of adapting your self-care routine so you can still do something for you, on your bad days.

Face cleansers are a tricky one for me. My skin is constantly changing based on my symptoms, so I really struggle to find the right type for me. The past few months I've been using the Nivea Glow cleansing mousse. There's a couple of reasons why I have stuck to this product, mainly because the pump is easy to use so I can use it every day but also because it is a foam instead of a cream. I find that my skin doesn't tolerate heavy creams and scrubs so this product is perfect for me.

Self- care items don't have to be expensive, the most important thing is how they make you feel about yourself!

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