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Introducing our new team of Bloggers and creators at DaisyHannah and All things Spoonie! Stay tuned for new content featuring our perspectives and passions surrounding everything spoonie and chronic illness related. We can't wait to share our experiences, best tips and advice with you but for now, sit back, grab a cuppa and say hi to our team!

Hi! My name is Pia (she/her), and I’m a 23-year old spoonie based in Switzerland. I was finally diagnosed with CFS/ME a few months ago, after having struggled immensely for the past 7 years. I also have a long history of eating disorders, on top of which I struggle with anxiety and depression. Even though I currently cannot really live out my passions, they include travelling, supporting others where I can, photography, and baking. Lastly, I am also a dreamer. Even in the hardest of times, when everything seems impossible, I try to remind myself of the following:

“Let your dreams save you.” And so I keep going and dreaming and hoping, despite the odds. And I hope you do too.

My name's Elsa. On the paper, I am 27, a French ex-pat living in Norway and a cat's mom. I used to define myself as an example of the woman who " made it "; I had a job in a big international company, a PhD and a big social network. One could say my life seemed pretty straight forward. Up until Esla. Esla is the other face of the coin, she's my fibromyalgia, the pain that ravishes my body night and day, the reason why I am now living on a handicapped allowance. She's the darker side but also the brighter side of me. Esla is 2 years old the doctors have said, but really I believe she's about 5 soon. We are still learning to get along and trying to figure out an answer to the question that is on everybody's lips, "what do you plan to do with your life?

My name is Autumn Green I'm a proud spoonie. For years I thought I was sick but doctors would tell me I was fat and needed compression socks or pain meds. They thought it was all in my head... I've always had a strong faith in the medical community so for years I accepted being sick as my reality, my life.4 years later I got my diagnosis. It took being hospitalised in the ICU to get taken seriously and after 2 months of being tested and trialling treatments, they found my autoimmune disease, full renal failure- I desperately needed dialysis and a kidney transplant. Ever since I swore to be my own advocate and help prevent anyone else from experiencing this too. through finding the spoonie community I found my calling. I'm a writer, actress, performer and dancer. I love pop culture, superheroes and anime

My name is Daisy Hannah and I'm proud to be disabled. A quote that is close to my heart is, "the winds that sometimes take something we love, is the same that sometimes bring something we learn to love". My life suddenly changed 5 years ago when I developed a large variety of debilitating symptoms. For 5 years I lived undiagnosed, pushing through every day. My desperation to be healthy again was exploited by Graded exercise therapy and medical gaslighting, my life changed when I found the chronic illness community. In May 2020, I got diagnosed with M.E and started to find the confidence to share my experiences. When I found the M.E and chronic illness community I found my purpose. My passion is now helping others through my experiences, past and present, whilst advocating for resources and a better future for all spoonies.

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