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Since joining the Disabled and chronic illness community, my eyes have been opened to a lot of things. I never valued how vital and important accessibility was until it was necessary to my quality of life until I became Disabled. Being disabled is not a bad thing and it has changed my life in so many ways. The world we are currently living in isn't designed for those with Disabilities - invisible or visible- to flourish and succeed. I have been blown away by the advances that are being made to accessibility right now. What is shocking to me is that these advances are hard to find. There is no highlight reel of the best and most impressive advances that are currently changing so many peoples lives. So, we thought we would do just that and create a list of some of the most accessible and amazing new businesses.

One of my favourites is a brand called Aille Design (Aille Design) who have created beaded clothing with fully legible Braille for the blind and visually impaired community. This struck out to me as a truly one of kind, passionate and revolutionary brand. They give people the gift of a beautiful fashion with inclusion and independence.

A brand that caught my eye as an ambulatory wheelchair user is who is a celebration of all things sexy and disability. They create inclusive and accessible lingerie that is both simple and utterly glamorous. As well as selling gorgeous accessible underwear and bra sets they use their platform to raise awareness and amplify voices. I can't wait to see how they continue to empower and help people.

Up next is a truly incredible and life-changing brand. Care and Wear (Care+Wear | Healthwear Solutions for People Everywhere ( have designed items from PICC covers and Port hoodies to mobility and bras. They are truly showing what it means to be an inclusive and accessible brand that adapts to their customers' needs. Their clothes are well-loved by such a range of people with different needs and it's clear to me why.

Sea Salt Cornwall (Women's Easy On Adaptive Clothing - Seasalt Cornwall) uses classic styles turned accessible, with special features that make their clothes easy to put on or take off. They sell clothes with magnet fastenings and other features like loops and side splits to help make the task of getting dressed more efficient and inclusive. They have such a large variety of products that it's impossible to highlight everything accessible they do.

Talking of brands that do a bit of everything, Unhidden clothing ( Unhidden ( ) are introducing an accessible twist to slow fashion (Advocates for manufacturing concerning people, environment and animals - Wikipedia) They are a unique and special brand that put accessibility first.

Lastly, a slightly larger business called"slick chicks" (Adaptive Panties for Women | Side Fastening Underwear | Slick Chicks ( ) which specialises in side-fastening panties. They are making so many lives easier through their products and promote diversity through beauty, confidence and accessibility.

What all of these brands have in common is that they are designed by people who genuinely believe in a more accessible society and it is clear that they have all considered the

varieties and dynamics of disability. Supporting brands like these are so vital in showing the fashion world what the disabled population need and deserve - Accessibility, inclusivity and visibility.

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